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About Us



Meet Erica and Cameron, the married couple who followed their passion for coffee and adventure by opening a unique coffee shop in an old converted school bus. 


Erica and Cameron had always dreamed of owning their business, but they didn't want it to be just any ordinary coffee shop. They wanted to create a place that would truly stand out and capture the spirit of their love for coffee and travel.​After months of planning and hard work, Erica and Cameron found the perfect old school bus to convert into their coffee shop on wheels.


They spent countless hours designing and renovating the bus, turning it into a cozy and welcoming space. They installed their equipment and began experimenting with different blends and flavors until they found the perfect combination that would satisfy even the most discerning coffee drinkers.​Since opening their coffee shop, Erica and Cameron have been living their dream of traveling their community and sharing their love of coffee with others. They have met so many amazing people along the way, and their coffee shop has become a gathering place for locals and travelers alike. They take pride in using only the highest quality beans, sourced from sustainable and ethical farmers, and in creating an atmosphere that is warm, welcoming, and just a little bit adventurous.​ 

For Cameron and Erica, their coffee shop is more than just a business - it's a reflection of their passion for coffee and their desire to explore the world around them. They are grateful for every customer who stops by and takes a moment to share in their love for coffee, and they can't wait to see where their journey will take them next. So, the next time you see The Coffee Bus, be sure to stop by and say hello - you might just discover your new favorite coffee spot!


Trust The Process

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